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SpearPoint® Apparel, Step-Up Your Casual Look!

We are The Baker Brothers: Keaten, Brigham, and August Baker. Growing up, one thing we all had in common was our struggles to find practical, yet stylish, men's clothing at affordable pricing. This led us to create SpearPoint® Apparel in 2019. Our goal is to create affordable, comfortable casual clothing that is versatile and can be worn to work, play, or a night out.

SpearPoint® styling embraces humble confidence in casual clothing—masculine with clean lines in appealing earth tones. Our shirts are amazingly comfortable, made from super soft, high quality—yet affordable—fabrics that breath and stretch.

SpearPoint shirts are a step-up from your typical cotton T-shirts and they come out of the dryer wrinkle-free! You can truly see and feel the difference!

Come check out our collections of shirts and jackets. See what humble confidence looks like in timeless, sharp styling.

We are a small, family-owned business headquartered in rural Oregon. We don’t just design our casual clothes, we wear them!

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Three Brothers Story Startup Mens Casualwear Clothing LineThe Baker Brothers - Founders of SpearPoint® Apparel