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Interested in Being a SpearPoint Apparel Reseller?

We prefer to send wholesalers to our partners at Faire Marketplace. You can find our wholesale shop on their platform here.

You can also become a wholesaler through our other partners such as TopDawg. If you are a retail shop and use another platform you would like us to add our collections to, please let us know!

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SpearPoint Apparel's Wholesale Policies
  • Foreign (Non-US) Accounts Policy -- All non-US accounts must be paid by bank transfer or credit card. SPA cannot accept checks in payment drawn on non-US banks, even if the account is in US funds.
  • Shipping Charges for United States and Territories -- Exact Freight Cost
  • Foreign Shipments -- Exact Freight Cost and buyer pays all customs fees and duties outside of the U.S.
  • Retail Website Promotions -- Wholesale accounts do not qualify for any retail promotional offer.
By signing up to be a reseller, your company (reseller) agrees to receive and pay for orders received by SpearPoint™ Apparel (SPA). Payment for orders will be due (processed) upon date of shipment. If you are paying with a credit card, your signature to this agreement grants us permission to charge your credit card for payment. SPA can delay shipment due to causes beyond its control. SPA will accept returns for defective merchandise and shipping errors. No returns will be accepted without written authorization from SPA within 20 days of delivery. This contract will be governed by and construed in accordance the laws of the state of Oregon.
We have a strict policy called the Minimum Advertised Pricing (MAP) Policy. This Policy will be unilaterally adopted and enforced. Although our resellers remain free to determine their own resale prices, as part of our MAP Policy, SPA will cease doing business with any reseller that SPA determines has advertised, offered, or sold any SPA product at a price below our MSRP minus any current sale advertised on the SPA website. SPA will cease to process product orders from any reseller who sells products through Amazon, Etsy, EBay, or